My new story’s up on Aphotic Realm! A heartwarming tale, just in time for the holidays… (haha, no it isn’t, it’s full of murder!) Excerpt below:

If anyone had been watching, they would have seen Pippa trip gaily up the steps and knock confidently on the door. They would have seen the door slide open just a crack and watch Pippa stiffen like a board, abruptly dropping her baked goods on the floor. If they could have seen her face, they would have seen the horror etched on it, her mouth locked in rictus, her hair whitening slowly from root to ends. They would have seen her step oddly, as if fighting her own body, through the slender opening. That’s what they would have seen if they’d been watching.

After that, odd lights would come on at night behind the opaque windows of the yellow-doored house, deeply red and…throbbing. There were also sounds. A keening like a mother who had lost her child; the deep-throated growls of a man in the throes of a murderous rage; a thump-thump-thumping like a heart hidden under the floorboards, refusing to die. The neighbours heard these things as clearly as if they were happening in their own rooms. They tossed and turned in their beds, waking up drenched with sweat, the remnants of forgotten nightmares clinging to their skin.

Then, other strange things began to happen.

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