The ahuizotl (from the Nahuatl āhuitzotl for “spiny aquatic thing”) is a legendary creature in Aztec myth. Described as dog-like, its waterproof fur often clumps up to create spikes (hence its name). The ahuizotl has hands capable of manipulation and an additional hand on its tail. It is feared due to its liking for human flesh, especially nails, eyes, and teeth. It is said to live in or near the water and to use the hand on the end of its tail to snatch its prey, dragging the person into the depths to drown them. 

The writing exercise was to ‘make this creature your lover’ and this is the ridiculousness that came out of my brain:

I met the Ahuizotl at The Triple Nipple, a sex club hidden in plain sight at the end of the lane in a suburban neighbourhood in Berlin. I came here looking for a little adventure, for something a little…dangerous, bored as I was with my white bread life. I never expected it to go as far as it did.

It was my first time in a place like this, a place of wanton desire. I was nervous, walking through the crowds trying to look like I belonged but failing miserably, I thought; so obviously out of my place in my children’s party clown suit. I had contemplated dressing up for the club, looking more…normal. But whoever I met, whatever I did, I wanted it to be as the real me.

I was looking for more, although of what, I wasn’t sure. I was never satisfied with the men that I met – two hands two feet two eyes one mouth – not enough to pleasure me in the way that I needed. I was bold in my decision to come here, but once I stepped through the doors, once I saw the women in their crotchless leather chaps and the men in their mesh booty shorts,  I became timid and shy. I took what little comfort I could from the gin and tonic in my hand.

We locked eyes over the mash of heaving bodies in the Boom Boom room. His Aztec skin, what could be seen it of underneath his spiky fur, glowed bronze in the warm light of the club. His snout was strong and proud, his eyes liquid and warm like the sun. His lips – sensual, like a wet peach – stretched into a smirk, then he slowly turned to walk away. I gasped – there was an extra hand at the end of his tail. I closed my eyes and shuddered in anticipated ecstasy….what he could do to me with three hands!

I opened my eyes to see him glancing back at me. He waited until he was sure I was looking at him again, then inclined his head, ever so slightly, with his eyebrow gently raised, in the direction of The Cellar. I took a step forward and held my breath. He waggled his third hand – so strong, so BIG, the fingers like jumbo German sausages – and turned and walked away, no doubt in his mind that I would follow him.

I watched him enter through The Cellar doors and hesitated a moment. Now that the option was in front of me, to not just watch, but to participate, I was afraid. Afraid of what I would find. Afraid that I would unleash a side of myself that I was scared to know. What business did a children’s party clown have exploring her darkest, craven desires? I turned my head towards the exit. Why did I even come to this den of depravity? This was silly, I thought. I should leave.

But…is this not what I wanted? Was this not the element of risk I had been searching for? The very thing that would spice up my dreary life? It had been so very long since anyone had ravished my body. Who wants to fuck a lady in a clown suit? With my cotton candy orange wig and maniacal red grin… Nobody, that’s who! I looked back towards The Cellar. That hand, I thought. That extra hand…

I took a deep breath and launched myself after the Ahuizotl, deep into The Cellar. It was dark, the music throbbing, bodies everywhere thrashing and groaning in sexual bliss. The smell of it – a heavy musk – clung to my skin, the energy making my heart race and sweat roll down my skin. I could barely make out the figures around me and I began to panic. Would I find him, my Ahu? I moved deeper and deeper into the den, searching for my would-be lover. Then suddenly I felt a hand, warm and wet, grab hold of my ankle. Before I knew it, I was being dragged along the plush carpeted floor and into the depths of the cave-like room, until I was deposited onto a bear-skin rug in front of a crackling fire.

I was dazed from being dragged, the room spinning in front of my eyes. When things came to a halt, I saw him hovering on top of me, a line of drool running from his lips. He grinned and I saw his sharp, jagged teeth, and a thrill ran from my crotch up into my stomach and back down again. I was ready, and I told him so, in a whisper that was hot with desire. His hands began to do their work, while he stared steadily into my eyes. They ripped open my clown suit, the oversized buttons flying in every direction, and began to stroke my flesh. They moved like liquid fire over my body, rubbing and stroking and kneading. My eyes rolled back in head and my body convulsed in spasms as his three hands took me to the brink, plunged me over the side and brought me back again.

Deep in the throes of pleasure, I only noticed my lower arm was missing when I went to grab him by his ears and pull him closer towards me. I looked from my missing limb into his eyes and saw the blood dripping from his snout, his teeth still bared at me in that sexy grin. I smiled at him. As I rode the waves of pleasure, the Ahuizotl resumed his feast. He crunched on the nails from my remaining hand and feet as his own hands continued to work me over like a deft sexual master. He tore chunks from my thighs like tiny little love bites. With my mouth wide open, moaning in sheer delight, he stared hungrily at my teeth.

I don’t remember when he took my eyes, only that I could no longer see. But the darkness only made the pleasure that much sharper. Without my sight to distract me, I sank deeper into the hedonism of the Ahuizotl’s hands, reaching my peak over and over and over again. This indulgence was almost becoming too much.