I killed today. Took a knife and sawed a body in two. Watched as her life force oozed from her body.

I didn’t mean to do it!

But she was trying to take what was mine; what I had worked so hard to create.

She lunged at me, over and over again, daring me to react.

I was frightened.

She’d come armed. I was sure she would hurt me to get what she wanted. I could see she had no heart.

So I struck back.

I grabbed my knife and in one fluid motion I pinned her down.

I just wanted to give her a warning. To show she was messing with the wrong guy.

But I guess I got carried away.

Her body lay in pieces in front of me, her tiny waist rent in two. Her wings fluttering in the breeze as if she were still in flight.

Stupid wasp.