She ran feverishly through the woods, crashing through the trees, her heart threatening to burst out of her chest. Over the pathway and out the clearing, she raced across the road, with no regard for what might be coming. A horn blared. “What the fuck are you crazy?” she heard the driver yell.

“Sorry, sorry” she whispered breathlessly as she went careening up the street. She had no time for real apologies. The light from her apartment window was calling to her from further down the street. Not three minutes away…but it was three minutes she wasn’t sure she had.

How could I have let it get this far? she thought, her legs pumping furiously, her arms flailing at her sides. Please, she whispered. Hold on. You’re almost there.

 She could barely breathe for running. But she was running out of time.

Finally she came crashing into the main doors of the building, scrambling to get her key in the lock. Her hands were sweating, trembling – she had to try two times, three, before the key drove home.

Almost there. Just hold on.

 She ran to the back house and sprinted as fast as she could up the three flights of stairs. Her legs were burning, but she had to push through.

Finally at her front door, another lock to navigate, but this time the universe was on her side – it only took one try before she flung the door wide, careening into her bewildered husband on the other side.

“Karen?” he asked, concern creasing his forehead “What’s the matter?”

“Move, move,” she cried, as she pushed him out of the way, dumping her things on the floor and flying to the bathroom. She fumbled with her belt, almost ripping it out of the loops before unzipping her pants and landing heavily on the toilet.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she said to herself, feeling the sweetest relief.

Damn, she chuckled. Almost peed myself.